Reverse Phone lookup

Ever looked at your phone’s screen while it’s ringing and wonder whose calling? Your hands grab at the phone but you hesitate in answering – it kills you that the number isn’t saved or the caller ID doesn’t show a name. Well for your qualms and worries, there is a solution now! That’s right, and it’s called reverse phone lookup, so whether you want to look up an unknown caller, learn more about a number just passed onto you or even want to do some research on a new neighborhood to plan on moving to – a quick search online can solve all these problems.

In most cases and definitely around the early days, the use of this technology was limited to law enforcement agencies. But as time has passed both a publically listed directory and a privately unlisted directory is now common. Since it has been a while since the internet has now gone mass market most users tend to type in phrases into an internet search engine and browse websites which offers this service free of charge.

Not only are you able to search and find their name and address but there are online directories and websites which offer this service for free. Of course to get a full bio you are expected to pay a premium, but on the whole the amount of data made available can be considered sufficient for you and your requirements.

While the service is cheaper and easier to manage just for landlines, you are also able to find cell phone information on most sites as well via reverse cellphone lookup. Once a match is found you will be able to view the first and last name of the owner, the location to which the phone is registered, an address of the holder and a map location pin pointing the location as well. How did we ever live without technology – right?

It is important to note however that different countries have a set of different laws governing the use and access of reverse phone directories to its citizens. For example in the United States, people are also given the choice of removing their information from publically listed directories for a small fee and as mobile phones have become more and more popular debate around whether to release their data has become a hot topic. Similarly in the United Kingdom, reverse phone directory information is only available openly to emergency services.

However that has not as of yet stopped online web companies and the whole makeup of this service type will depend on how often the website or the service is actually used. It’s not common to find that the number you’ve entered doesn’t pull out any results, in such circumstances most websites offer referrals and at times depend upon their users to update their data bases as well. You will find that in such an instance the information available will be limited and one or two fields of the same might just be missing as well.